Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Meal Plans Go Wrong

So we all know that Meal Plans save money and time. However, I realized that sometimes you need to have flexibility built in. For example, this week our Family came down with the stomach Flu. When this happened we had the following items on our Meal Plan, Chili, Indian, Fajitas, and Sloppy Joes. Which one of these would you like to have with an upset stomach. I didn't have any food I might wasn't to eat. So, in my fridge it sits (I am praying we will all get through this before it goes bad). We have spent too much money and gas going to get whatever we think might sound appealling. I think for cold and Flu season it is good to have an emergency box. It should contain at lest Applesauce, Jello, Gatorade, Crackers and Chicken Noodle Soup. Have any other suggestions on what should go into my emergency box?

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