Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Debt Diet

My Rules

  1. No conveniance shopping..(drinks in the check out), drive thru snacks, vending machine snacks etc..
  2. Grocery Shopping must be from my List and must be from a Menu Plan.
  3. No eating out, and food for playgroups and Bunco must be made.
  4. No Happy Hour or drinking at a Bar, no movies, etc.
  5. Valentines has to be home made. For both the kids and hubby.

My Excpetions

  1. Haircut- I haven't had one since November and I can't make it until March.
  2. Soccer- I signed the boys up for Soccer so anything they might need for this, I will have to buy.
  3. Bunco- I am committed to this- so that 10$ is allotted for. I will hopefully find another creative way for other Mom's Night Outs. I will make my dish from scratch, however.
  4. Shower- I am cohosting a shower and as great as these girls are they don't want me to make a cake. They want a pretty one with blue booties.
  5. Goody Bags for kids class. I am assigned Goody Bags for the kids Valentines Party so I will have to make an exception for that. I will see how well I can do.

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